Your existential summer mixtape.

What is a summer holiday without an existential crisis? All this time off certainly gives you time to reflect on what you are doing with your life.

Here’s your existential summer soundtrack you didn’t need:

  1. Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread – Everything Everything.

This song is super catchy and has most of the characteristics you want from a summer song: repetitive, sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs lyrics, poppy drum beat, and a surreal music video. You will catch yourself screaming “I don’t want to get older” along with the band whilst at a party at 2am and freaking out because you are, inevitably, getting older.

2. The Bourne Identity – The Last Shadow Puppets.

This is the bonus track on Everything You’ve Come to Expect and is basically an existential crisis bottled into 3 minutes and 5 seconds. Again, the upbeat aura released from the song, the tambourine in the background,you cannot help but think you are watching the end credits of a rom-com where everything has figured itself out. However if you listen closely to the lyrics, such as,  “I feel like the sequel you want to see but you were kinda hoping they would never make”, you cannot help but relate. Turner’s moments of self-doubt are very human and remind you of your own struggle with identity.

3. Sleep Forever – Black Honey.

Summer is for sleeping. You spend your waking hours wanting to sleep. This song isn’t an ode to sleep, but it does remind me how I want to sleep forever. Sleep is great.

4. Silent Movie Susie – The Big Moon.

Summer is in the song so it qualifies for a summer mixtape. The Big Moon are my favourite new band. Their songs are very tongue-in-cheek and their music videos are fun. Silent Movie Susie about a girl named Susie hopefully coming back for the summer. I cannot recommend this band enough.

5. Celestine – Spector.

Celestine is another reflective track. The guitar throughout, but particularly in the intro to the song, has an 80’s pop vibe which screams Summer.

6. Because the Night – Patti Smith.

This one is a personal one. I’m doing my dissertation on Patti Smith’s poetry (along with other poets) so naturally I am listening to her music. Because the Night is a song you have to scream and dance around your bedroom to because it is so catchy and I do not understand how you cannot dramatically sing to this. However, this song has a place on the playlist because it reminds me of the research I am currently not doing…

7. Glass in the Park – Alex Turner.

I know Alex Turner has already appeared on this playlist, but there’s always time for the Submarine soundtrack. In the film, Lloyd Tate puts this on side A of the mixtape, titled “Celebratory”, to capture the feeling of new, young love. Turner’s melancholic vocals contrast that feeling of innocent love and leave you feeling like there’s something missing from that strong feeling. When listening to Glass in the Park it reminds me of unrequited love, even if that love is a fictional character named Oliver Tate.

8. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards – Tame Impala.

If you haven’t watched the music video to this, go and do it now. It is absolutely mesmerising so you cannot help but self-reflect for 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

9. Mountain at My Gates – Foals.

Undeniably my favourite song from 2015. Foals are amazing. The song is amazing. The music video is incredible. Use the mountains as a terrifying metaphor for the things in life you are avoiding and this song will be your background music when tackling those tasks!








10. No Hope – The Vaccines.

The entire of Come of Age is a reflection on the transition between teenage life and adult life. No Hope is the anthem for twenty-somethings who have just finished their degree, or about to finish their degree, and now are left with the scary question – now what?

And there you go. I hope you enjoy this playlist!


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