The fear of falling out of love with reading.

Before I started my degree in English Literature I thought it was not a thing to fall out of love with reading. All of my life I have loved reading. I have always had the motivation to read.

I am lacking the motivation to read.

I’ve read 28 books since handing in my last assignment in May. One of those books was War and Peace. I think I have exhausted myself with the amount of reading I have done. I have my reading list for first semester of third year (scary, I know) and I am excited to read all of the books but I’m struggling to find the motivation to read and analyse them.

Maybe I am struggling to read because I am intimidated by the amount I want to read before September. Maybe I read too much before my reading list was released so now I am tired. Maybe it was a dumb idea to read a 1200 pages book before the 12+ books I need to read for my degree. Maybe I am not giving myself any free time from working so reading now also seems like work.

I wouldn’t say I am falling out of love with reading; I am just tired. There’s books on my bookshelf I am desperate to read but I am not letting myself because I have to prioritise what I read. Seeing my pleasure reads as a reward for finishing my uni books is possibly putting too much pressure on trying to get through them.

How do you recover from a reading slump?

How can you prevent reading feeling like work?

How do you improve motivation levels?


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