From the archive: I am the Messenger book review.

First published: 09/12/2012

From World War Two Germany to present day suburban life, quite different to “the Book Thief”, Markus Zusak tells a very peculiar story in his novel “I Am the Messenger.”

The story centres on the character Ed Kennedy, who is an under-age taxi driver without much of a future. Playing cards, being hopelessly in love with his best friend, Audrey and coming home to his trusty companion “Doorman” his coffee loving dog is just a daily routine. One day, Ed is held hostage during a bank robbery and miraculously prevents the robber from escaping, becoming proclaimed as a hero. That is when the first card arrives in the mail. The card is an ace of diamonds. On the card are a series of 3 tasks with addresses and times for them to be completed. Who could have sent it?

Ed becomes the messenger, answering the prayers of the souls scribbled on the face of the card. He makes his way through town helping and hurting when necessary, until he is faced with his final card. Could the last card possibly hold Ed’s destiny?

An entertaining and emotional story, it takes the reader on a ride, experiencing what it is like to witness people’s cry for help and become a saviour.

“It’s funny, engrossing, and suspenseful, and it will appeal to a wide audience”- KLIATT

“The author artfully pulls readers through the many plot twists, building to a startling revelation.”- Publishers Weekly

I read this book a few years ago and it become one of my favourites. Markus Zusak tells an extraordinary story about the events that happen around us in daily life, but we just don’t pay attention to them. The story stays with you long after you turn the final page and makes you realise you could be Ed Kennedy. Anyone can change somebodies life for the better and still just be an ordinary person, that is what makes the book so interesting.