From the archive: Palma Violets gig review 2012.

First published: 17/02/2014

I wrote this review for a magazine competition.

Palma Violets

Westgarth social club, Middlesbrough


The Westgarth is home to undiscovered bands before they get big. Tonight one upcoming band kept to the tradition. With an audience of over excited teenagers and curious club regulars, the crowd was spread through a variety of ages. Naturally, the young ones were as close to the stage as they could possibly get creating a claustrophobic atmosphere for the band while the older members of the audience loitered around the bar at the back. After two support bands, Palma Violets hit the stage. Instantly the crowd was electric, everyone connected jumping up and down to every upbeat song they played. Finishing the set with current single “Best of Friends” everyone suddenly went wild resulting in a near disaster involving the stage lights. Palma Violets know how to get a crowd going whether you know all their songs or none at all. 2013 is going to be their year.

Revised note:


I was right, 2013 was their year. On February 25th, the debut album 180 was released and received an amazing 8/10 from NME magazine. As well as praise for their album, they later went on to win an NME award for “Best New Band” and held a comfortable slot on the NME/Radio 1 stage at last year’s Reading & Leeds festival. During Palma Violets album cycle, I went to see them perform at a slightly bigger venue than the Westgarth. The size of the venue was no problem as they easily filled it and the crowd were as electric as the night in 2012. Palma Violets are the live band to go and see. Their spark won’t fizzle out any time soon.