From the archive: Never Let Me Go book review.

First published: 29/12/2012

Never Let Me Go is a beautiful, but heartbreaking novel. Narrated by Kathy H, she takes the reader on a journey of her childhood, explaining the truth of Hailsham students. Currently a carer, Kathy looks back on childhood memories with her two best friends Tommy and Ruth. Unlike most people on this earth, they were born for one reason and one reason only, to donate their vital organs. Their lives are set out for them and they can’t escape from it.

The novel is split into three parts: childhood, adult, donor. As an audience, we see the three characters grow from children all the way to their late twenties and watch their friendship develop.

Never Let Me Go is based when medical science boomed and organ donation was reliant to cure diseases that were before incurable. The beauty of the novel is that it questions humanity and how far we as humans could actually go to support advance science.

In 2010, Never Let Me Go was adapted into a film including Carey Mulligan (the Great Gatsby) as Kathy, Andrew Garfield (the Amazing Spiderman) as Tommy and Keira Knightley (Anna Karenina) as Ruth. The film is equally just as amazing and upsetting as the book is. A story about friendship, love and truth, I strongly recommend both the book and the film to anyone.