From the archive: My experience volunteering at a festival.

First published: 30/07/2013

I am slightly off the literature topic, but I feel as though this is important. This year has been the first year I have volunteered at a music festival and I want to document my experience and share it with you all.

For years I have been a music lover and attended local festivals and gigs dreaming of what it would be like to be caught up in the action. Two years ago, I decided I will volunteer at a festival when I was old enough with a friend and enjoy the privilege of a free festival ticket. As part of my current job, I received the opportunity to help out at a festival my work run and it was a great experience.

The days never had a dull moment as I did a variety of jobs ranging from the box office to glass collecting, photocopying to entertaining people and so much more. It was amazing viewing a festival from a different perspective and gaining lots of experience.

On the final night, I was sat on a hill watching the headline act and reviewed my experience. I’ve accomplished something I dreamed of doing and I had so much fun doing it. My advice to anyone who enjoys listening to music or the atmosphere of a festival is volunteer. It is an experience I will never regret and will always remember and I think it is a great opportunity for anyone who can get it.